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I don't create a ceremony; we create a memory. When you're looking for the right fit, turn off the script & turn on your imagination.

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We Create Memories

Based out of Denver, Colorado I work with all of my clients to provide them a wedding ceremony that meets their specific expectations. More specifically, I believe in a serious but light-hearted ceremony that captures who you are and what you believe. I want all of those who attend your wedding to celebrate in that moment with you. I want them to both laugh and cry and not wonder when cocktail hour will be starting. Ultimately, however, it is my goal to create a ceremony that will forever remind you as to the reason you came together in the first place.

Now, you can be sure that one of the first questions I am going to ask you is, 'Why do you want to get married?' If you tell me, 'Because we're in Love', and leave it at that then I am probably not the officiant for you. I believe in love, without a doubt, but I want to hear your story. What amazing things have you done together, what struggles have you endured, what about the future are you looking forward to as a couple? If you can't tell me things like that, I can't share your story with the world - and that's what I love doing most. When I tell your story, I want people to believe that we have been life-long friends.

How We Work

Officiating a Wedding isn't a one person show. I work with you closely and in this way 'we' create the perfect, memorable ceremony for your wedding. I utilize a multi-step approach to make things perfect for you.


Let's grab a drink at a local coffee shop, or brewery, so that we can get to know each other. If you're out of town/state, we can Skype as well


While getting to know each other we discuss expectations; what is it you expect of me and what do I expect of you


My responsibility is to not just stand up and read the ceremony, but to help guide you through completing the marriage certificate, and other such nuances


Wedding's aren't a 'one size fits all'. Whatever service you need, we will make it happen


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. That team consists of you, your partner, and myself.

Clinton Andersen

My belief is that love is the most powerful thing on this earth, and I want to help you remember that on your special day.

Clinton Andersen


You are the Lucky Ones, to have found your soulmate. With plenty on your mind, we will make sure both you and your Partner have your special day!

The Lucky Ones


I Am Here For You

Just as you are unique, so is your ceremony. Some individuals want to simply get married as quick as they can, but don't want to 'just' sign the marriage certificate at the courthouse, while other's are looking to go a more traditional route. Below are the two services I offer. Additionally, I don't like when folks hide prices or when they try to upsell. The only thing that is missing out of the prices below is additional travel costs for farther away weddings. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward hearing from you!

The Elopement - $200

Short, Sweet, and to the Point

You were thinking about just signing the marriage license, but thought better of it. If you're looking for something simple, yet meaningful, look no further - this is for you.

  • Simple Ceremony
  • Your Personal Vows
  • Short Notice Okay
  • Marriage Certificate Guidance
  • Reasonable Travel In/Around Denver*
  • Professional Officiating

The Classic - $425

For the traditionalist, this will cover all of your ceremony needs.

There are many elements to a ceremony and I will work with you to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

  • Planning Session - In-person, telephone, or Skype
  • Personalized Ceremony
  • Rehearsal
  • Ceremony Review
  • Marriage Certificate Guidance
  • Reasonable Travel In/Around Denver*
  • Professional Officiating
* Travel within 25 miles of the Centennial Airport (.50/mile after)

My Work

Some Recent Weddings

Check out WeddingWire for the reviews people have left, regarding my work. Through these, I hope you'll be able to get a feel for who I am and what I can bring to help you celebrate each other.

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Vendors I Like

You get a chance to meet vendors for a short period of time so of course they are going to put on their best face! I get to work with vendors from a different angle. The folks I have listed here are people I genuinely enjoy working with or people I feel genuinely enjoy their job - an aspect I think is important to have for your special day!

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Venue Reviews

I visit plenty of venues, so I figured I would give you some of my own thoughts on the locations!



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